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Student Financial Aid
MBS Book Voucher Application

How to Use Your Financial Aid at MBS Books

You must have a complete financial aid package (forms submitted, processed and your financial aid approved) to receive a book voucher.  $750 will be held out of your financial aid award for use at MBS Books. You will receive a refund for any unused book funds approximately 6 weeks after the beginning of the semester.

To avoid a potential delay in receiving your books and to avoid having $750 held out of your financial aid, you may wish to purchase your books using a debit or credit card.

To obtain a Book Voucher, follow these steps:

  1. Fill out form below and select the submit button
  2. UAS Ketchikan generates a voucher when your financial aid has been approved and is available for purchasing books
  3. When your voucher is available, MBS Books will send you e-mail notification to the e-mail address you provide
  4. Once you receive the e-mail notification, go online and order your books at Your voucher will expire 2 weeks after it is issued.  Please allow a minimum of 1 week processing time after order is placed.

Questions? Contact Julia Guthrie at (907) 228-4530 or

Submission of this form does not order your books! You must order your books directly from MBS Books!

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