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Weapons Policy & Secured Storage Information 

Regents' Policy and University Regulation 02.09.020 permit transportation of firearms/weapons to approved activities or secure central storage provided by the University.  Otherwise, loaded or unloaded firearms/weapons, including concealed weapons for which the carrier has a permit, may not be carried or stored on University property or in University buildings without the prior written permission of the appropriate chancellor or chancellor's designee.  Possession of firearms within motor vehicles and storage of firearms within the individual’s legally parked and locked motor vehicle is not recommended, but is not prohibited on campus if otherwise legal.  Weapons are not allowed in residential units under any circumstances. This includes items that may not be viewed as a “weapon” to other people, like paintball guns, air soft guns, BB guns and pellet guns.  When in doubt, residents should ask a professional staff member.

Weapons Secured Storage 

UAS is a hunter-friendly campus, meaning it provides guidelines by which residential students can register and secure their hunting firearms and weapons on campus through a meticulous security process. “Firearms” or “weapons” that must be handled in accordance with the above rules include:

  • Firearms

  • Paintball guns, air guns, pellet guns, BB guns

  • Ammunition

  • Knives and blades longer than 2.5 inches that were not designed for kitchen use

  • Martial arts weapons and swords

  • Bows, crossbows, and similar hunting implements

  • Other objects commonly understood to be designed as hunting instrument

Fireworks, incendiary devices, explosives, tranquilizer guns, tasers/stun guns, and biological or chemical weapons of any sort may not be brought to campus under any circumstances.  Disciplinary action will be taken against any student found to be in violation of this rule, up to and including fines, removal from housing, expulsion from the university, or legal action.

Weapons Storage Locker Guidelines

Only approved weapons and ammunition may be secured in weapons lockers in the Lodge. Any weapon not listed above must be approved by the director/coordinator for storage before it is brought to campus. Only a limited number of weapons lockers are available and will be assigned on a first-come, first-served basis. Incoming residents are strongly encouraged to call the Housing Lodge Desk prior to arriving on campus to reserve a locker.

A weapons registration form and weapons agreement must be completed and submitted to the Housing Lodge Desk as soon as the student arrives on campus with an approved weapon. The weapon must immediately be brought to secured weapons storage so that it does not stay in student possession at any time. Students who are assigned a weapons locker must provide their own heavy duty key-operated padlock. Combination locks or small padlocks are not acceptable. Students without an adequate lock will be required to leave campus with the weapon at once.  The Housing Lodge Desk frequently has extra lock to sell - $5/each.

Each locker is equipped with two padlock hatches; one lock is provided by the student and the other is provided by the University. This system requires both parties to be present to open the locker so that neither can access it on his or her own. Students are limited in the number or type of approved weapons they may keep in lockers only by the size of the locker. Empty gun cases that do not fit into lockers may be stored in student residences. Lockers may not be shared by more than one individual except by household members of the same family unit.

Weapons Checkout

Students can gain access to their weapons locker by requesting a weapons checkout appointment at the Housing Lodge Desk. Access is not guaranteed with less than 24-hours notice. Students wishing to check out their weapon in the early hours or late hours should arrange an appointment in advance, as staff may not be available to respond. Note: Only the owner can gain access to the locker.

When a weapon is checked out, a checkout form must be completed, listing which weapons have been removed. The student must estimate a time when he or she plans to return to campus with the weapon. Once a weapon is checked out, it must be removed from campus in compliance with policy and regulation. Likewise upon return to campus the weapon must be checked in immediately. Failure to follow procedures may result in follow-up contact and disciplinary action.

Cleaning Firearms

Students may make an appointment in advance to clean their firearms. A safe space will be provided when a professional staff member is on-hand for support. The student will be required to show that the weapon is empty of any ammunition and that the owner is not in possession of any ammunition.

Permanent Removal of Weapon & Abandoned Weapons

If a weapon will be removed from campus permanently, the weapons agreement must be formally terminated. Unclaimed weapons left in lockers after the student has checked out of housing will be secured and disposed of appropriately. Weapons found in unauthorized locations on campus will be secured pending disciplinary proceedings.

Weapons Storage Agreement                                          

The Housing Lodge will provide secured weapons storage on a first‐come, first‐serve basis to residents of UAS Housing community, subject to the following conditions:

  1. Weapons must be registered with the department before they will be accepted into storage. All weapons must be approved by the Director of Residence Life or Residence Life Coordinator before being stored in housing, approved weapons must be stored immediately in the secured weapons facility within a weapons locker, and the student must provide his/her own key‐operated padlock.

  2. Residents are expected to abide by the UAS Residence Life weapons policy in the Residence Life Handbook, the UAS Student Handbook, and any applicable state and federal laws.

  3. Weapons checkout request forms must be completed and submitted to the Housing Lodge Desk at (907) 796-6443 no less than 24 hours prior to the requested checkout time. The Lodge Desk Assistant will then take the form and arrange the checkout with the appropriate professional staff member. Students will be guaranteed access only with a checkout appointment scheduled at least 24 hours in advance. NOTE: Access is more easily granted during the regular weekday business hours with less than 24-hours notice. Access will not be given to anyone other than the student owner who registered the weapon.

  4. The agreement is revocable at any time at the discretion of the director/coordinator or higher level administrator; due process and written notice will be provided.

  5. A staff member of the department reserves the right to deny access to students whom he/she deems unfit to manage their weapon, such as in states of inebriation or agitation. The University also reserves the right to turn over weapons to the police in following situations: if they are abandoned, if the agreement has been violated, or if the student has had significant conduct issues which have been addressed through the campus judicial process.

  6. The University accepts no responsibility of the owner, and accommodation for weapons upkeep is outlined in the Residence Life Handbook. Owners store weapons in campus storage at their own risk. Damages or losses caused by water damage, fire, or other events will not be reimbursed by UAS.


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