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Right of Staff Re-Entry

UAS Residence Life respects the privacy of the student but reserves the right to re-enter and take possession of the accommodations upon breach of the terms of the housing agreement. Authorized departmental personnel may enter the rental unit with notice during reasonable hours to provide efficient services, repairs, improvements or for general inspection. The Residential Maintenance Coordinator or Facilities Services staff may enter the unit to attend to any work orders that were submitted by one of the residents, granting permission for university personnel to enter the premises for that explicit purpose.

Unannounced Entry

Authorized Residence Life or Facilities Services personnel may enter the accommodations without notice when necessary for the safety of the student or other occupants of housing units, for the purpose of emergency maintenance services or safety inspections, or when there is reason to believe that the terms and conditions of the housing agreement are being violated and the residents are not willingly granting the staff entrance after they have announced themselves and their intention to enter. To protect student privacy, staff shall never enter student residences except for the reasons listed above. Residents who have not been in contact with family members for extended periods or whom are worrying peers and neighbors with their absence or behaviors may be visited by staff for a “wellness check” to ensure their safety.

Unauthorized Persons & Unlawful Entry

Persons found to be in residence hall rooms, faculty/staff offices and campus buildings without authorization or permission will be subject to disciplinary action and possible prosecution.


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