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Building Security

Banfield Hall and the Lodge are secured facilities. Banfield is to remain locked and secured 24 hours a day. The Lodge entrances lock at 10:00pm and unlock at 8:00am, but will be accessible to residents by swipe card access until 12:00am on weeknights and 2:00am on Friday and Saturday nights. Any person found propping a Banfield Hall or Lodge door, or in any way preventing it from properly locking during those hours that it is supposed to be locked will receive a $25 fine for the first offense and will receive judicial action and a higher fine for repeat offenses. 24-hour security cameras are located in common areas and at entrances of both buildings.

First Aid Kit & AED Device

A first aid kit and an automatic electronic defibrillator (AED) are located at the Housing Lodge Desk. Residents are encouraged to ask for assistance whenever a potential medical or wellness concern exists and to report accidents and injuries that occur within student housing.


Keys and key cards are the property of the UAS; duplication and unauthorized possession of university keys is prohibited. Only authorized lock hardware may be installed on university property. All others will be removed. Students are expected to be responsible for any keys issued to them. Lost or misplaced keys must be reported to the Lodge Desk and can be replaced by filling out the Lost Key Form. The Banfield and Apartment Abloy keys are part of a complex system that is difficult to duplicate, and also very expensive to replace. Replacement charges, which often include not only cutting of a new key but of re-coring the doors that the lost key can access, are listed below.

Single Abloy door key $170.00
Small housing door key $85.00
Mailbox key   $25.00
Temporary swipe access card     $10.00
Staff-issued Lodge door key  $250.00

UAS Identification Cards

At the time of enrollment, each student will be issued a student identification card. This card must be presented at the Mourant Café, Spike’s Coffee Shop, and the Lodge Convenience Store for meal plan charges; at the library to check out books; to gain access into Banfield Hall, the Lodge, or the housing computer labs; for admission at the Student Recreation Center; and to any member of the Residence Life staff upon request. The identification card is also used to admit students to many of the campus activities and events.

Residential students will have these ID cards activated for electronic access to residential buildings. Students using identification cards not belonging to them, lending their I.D. cards, or in any way misrepresenting or refusing to identify themselves will be subject to disciplinary action plus a $25.00 fine.

Replacements of lost or damaged I.D. cards may be obtained through the Student Accounts office for $10.00. Because students living in student housing have electronic access programmed onto their ID cards, it is imperative that they report lost cards immediately to the Lodge Desk or to the Housing Office to protect the security of the buildings and the safety of the other residents.

Students in possession of unauthorized keys will be subject to disciplinary action up to and including eviction, expulsion, fines, and possible criminal charges. Fines for possession of unauthorized keys or failure to turn in keys at the end of one’s residency term will be applied to the student account. Student staff who have been found to lend their keys to another student will be terminated from their employment with the department.

Personal Safety

Members of the Housing community are expected to act with respect and consideration for the rights, privileges and sensibilities of others. Actions that, in any way, threaten or endanger the personal safety or security of others will not be tolerated. The following offenses will be regarded as extremely serious:
  1.  Deliberate participation in a riot or general disturbance which threatens the safety or seriously threatens the property of either campus community members or townspeople.

  2.  Intimidation by violence, a threat of violence, or property damage or that which seeks to interfere with the free expression of ideas or attempts to punish such free expression.

  3.  The possession, storage or use of firearms/weapons or ammunition or any explosive or incendiary device, including firecrackers and other fireworks, on campus.  (This does not include firearms/weapons stored legally and in accordance with UAS policies.)

  4.  The use or threatened use of weapons or objects capable of being used as weapons.

  5.  Any physical assault committed in the course of any University function or activity or on the premises of the University.

  6.  Any other act that seriously endangers human life or threatens serious physical or psychological injury.

Protect your bicycle:

  • Always lock it
  • Record the description, serial number and registration number and register it at the Lodge Desk

  • Store it in the bicycle racks when not in use

Protect your car:

  • Always lock your car

  • Lock valuables in the trunk

Report any instances of vandalism or theft to the CA on duty or to the security officer immediately. Campus vandalism and theft end up costing the residents. Students pay for school property through tuition and fees. Damage and theft raise educational costs — and students are often the ones who pay for those increases.

Security Officer

UAS Housing contracts Night Watch Security Services to provide a nighttime security guard in the student housing complex. Officer George Walters monitors security cameras and evening happenings around housing to identify potential security issues, trespassers, disturbances, illegal activity, and policy violations. Students should feel free to approach George with any concerns or observations that he should be aware of.


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