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Single Student Housing/Apartments

Single students with the class status of Sophomore and higher can be placed in apartment housing. There are two types of apartment housing: four bedroom apartments with single rooms and two bedroom apartments with double rooms.

Four Bedroom Apartments

Four bedroom apartment layoutsThese are apartments with four bedrooms. Each resident has their own room and shares the bathroom, living room, dining room, and kitchen with three other people.

Two Bedroom Apartments

These are apartments with two bedrooms. Each resident shares a room with one other person and shares the bathroom, living room, dining room, and kitchen with three other people.

Two bedroom apartment layoutAll apartments are equipped with microwave, stove, and refrigerator. The common space in each apartment is fully furnished with couches, dining room table, and chairs. Each bedroom is furnished with a twin extra-long bed, dresser, and desk (double rooms with 2 of each). Each apartment has a storage room in the entry way. The townhouse-style apartments also have storage underneath the stairs.

All housing residents are required to purchase a meal plan. To learn more about our food options on campus, please visit the Campus Dining Page.


Meal Plan
Total Semester
Total Academic
Four Bedroom Apartment$3,100$600$3,700$7,400
Two Bedroom Apartment$2,600$600$3,200$6,400
Single in Two Bedroom Apartment$3,400$600$4,000$8,000

Residence Halls

Freshman Housing typical room floor layoutOur new freshman residence hall opened Fall 2014. This facility is located directly on-campus, with amazing views of Auke Lake, Mendenhall Glacier, and the numerous mountains, trees, and wildlife that surround the Juneau campus. With 120 bed spaces spread out across four floors of two bedroom, suite-style units, this building will be a hub of activities, social connections, and access to educational services on-campus. View a few photos of the new facility in our campus photo gallery.

In addition to resident units, this 34,000 square foot facility offers lounge spaces, study nooks, a seminar/classroom, community kitchen, laundry facilities, student mailboxes, and interior access to garbage and recycling disposal. A front desk location will not only allow for monitoring of student and guest access to this swipe-card access secured building, but also be a source of information and referral for residents.

All housing residents are required to purchase a meal plan. To learn more about our food options on campus, please visit the Campus Dining page.


2014-2015SemesterMeal PlanTotal/SemesterTotal/
Freshman Residence Hall (shared room)$2,500$1,675$4,175$8,350
Freshman Residence Hall (private room)$3,300$1,675$4,975$9,950

While we do not offer university controlled off-campus housing, we do accept housing referrals from within the community and post them in our office and on our website.

UAS is not responsible for screening prospective applicants and/or landlords. UAS will not receive complaints against renters and/or landlords.

Students at housing

Summer Housing

Priority deadline for placement is April 1st. Students must submit a separate Housing Agreement for the summer term. Summer is a busy time in the Housing community as Summer Guest Housing / Conference Services operations take up a large number of units; therefore, space for summer residents is limited. 

Housing Agreements submitted after the priority deadline are NOT guaranteed placement. As space is limited, in the event there are more applicants that available spaces, applicants with agreements submitted before the priority deadline will be ranked according to the guidelines below:

  1. Students working for the offices of Residence Life or Housing during the summer.
  2. Students enrolled in six or more credits during the summer session.
  3. Students enrolled in fewer than six credits during the summer session.
  4. Students working elsewhere on campus.
  5. Students neither enrolled in classes or employed on campus but who have signed a fall agreement.
  6. Other requests.

Students who submit summer housing agreements after the priority deadline will be granted space on a ‘first come, first serve” basis to fill the additional spaces.

Affordable Summer Guest Housing for Single Guests or Groups 

housing view

Student Housing operates the Summer Guest Housing program during the months of May through August (please see specific reservation dates), enabling cohort students, non-students, and external parties to rent housing units. Summer Guest Housing operations help to subsidize our operations and keep costs for UAS student residents affordable. For information on lodging in one of our rooms, suites, or even full apartments for periods ranging from a single day to the entire summer, please contact the Housing Lodge Desk at 907-796-6443 or by email at We look forward to you joining us this summer!

Internal Use Forms

Juneau Campus Room Scheduling

For reservation of campus classroom and event space please visit the scheduling website.

Abandoned Property

Any personal items left in a unit after a resident moves out will be held for up to 30 days.  Cleaning and labor charges associated with moving and storing these items may apply.  These ‘abandoned’ items will be disposed of after the 30-day hold period.

Early Move-In & Late Departure Request

Early arrivals and late departures around the rental terms of the semesters are NOT encouraged. However, situations may arise in which such requests are warranted, including restricted travel availability from remote areas, UAS coursework that extends outside of the regular rental period, commencement ceremonies, etc. Only extenuating circumstances will be authorized for extended stay, and such requests are made via designated request form. Residents are encouraged to contact the Housing Lodge Desk immediately regarding these needs – (907) 796-6443 or Email: Additional fees will apply. Residents arriving before the move-in dates or staying past the move-out dates, which are clearly stated in the Housing Agreement – whose request for extended stay is NOT approved, will be subject to a $75/night fee. Business operations prior to and upon completion of each term are such that unnecessary extended stay requests are a hindrance to administrative processes, staff unit inspections and maintenance schedules.

Move-Out Process

As stated in the Housing Agreement, it is REQUIRED that residents personally check-out of their room or apartment with Residence Life Staff. Residents must leave their room or apartment, including all equipment, furniture and fixtures, in as clean and in as good an order and condition as when they moved in, normal wear and tear accepted.

Terms Explained

Move-out is what the resident does, physically removing self and property from unit. Checkout is the process by which the resident and Residence Life Staff meet together to walk-through the unit and complete necessary forms. Closeout encompasses the larger process, which includes consolidating the checkout forms and room condition forms to assist with maintenance staff inspections of the units for the purposes of damage/repair & cleaning assessments, clearing or charging student accounts, and releasing of security deposit for refund, if anything remains after closeout charges are added.

Checkout Requirement

A formal checkout is REQUIRED, as is scheduling this checkout at least 24 hours in advance. Failure to perform a checkout with staff walk-through, failure to provide adequate advanced notice, or to show up for a scheduled checkout appointment will result in a $50 improper checkout fee.

Guide to Moving Out

Below are some expectations regarding unit cleanliness and communal housekeeping obligations help guide the process. Residents are encouraged to work cooperatively with their roommates/suitemates and to seek the assistance of Residence Life Staff is they need support to mediate the delegation of group tasks. Being proactive and not waiting until the last minute to have discussions is very important!

Clear It

  • Remove all personal belongings from unit.

  • Remove any tape, decals or wall hooks from all surfaces.

  • Empty and wipe clean the insides of all drawers, including common areas.

  • Return furniture to its original placement at move-in, including de-lofting Banfield beds, if needed.

  • All closet doors and furniture pieces should be present, as compared to RCF at move-in.

Clean It

  • Coordinate with all roommates to assign tasks to ensure common areas are appropriately cleaned.

  • Sweep, vacuum & mop all floors – in corner, behind and under furniture.

  • Wipe down windows, sills & mirrors, locking windows and closing drapes/blinds.

  • Wipe down all surfaces, handles & inside of drawers.

  • Clean bathrooms – showers/tubs, toilet, sinks, cabinets & drawers.

  • Apartments: Clean kitchens – refrigerator should be emptied completely & cleaned, stove/oven with metal racks and microwave should be cleaned.

  • All cabinets and storage areas should be emptied completely and cleaned, including closets and under stairs storage, where applicable.

Check It Out

  • Residents must schedule a CHECKOUT with a Community Advisor (CA) at least 24 hours in advance of the desired checkout time. They may visit or call the Housing Lodge Desk to complete this task.

  • At the time of checkout, all personal belongings should be removed from the unit when the CA arrives to complete the checkout.

  • Residents will be asked to complete a CLOSEOUT FORM and to perform a unit walk-through with staff, at which point they will be asked to submit their room and mailbox keys.

  • Residents will not be allowed to remain in the unit after checkout/closeout unless they are the “guest” of a remaining roommate, who must be present to vouch for the departing resident.

Closeout Process

The actual closeout process is not complete until maintenance staff has fully inspected each unit to assess wear & tear and to document any damages or repairs needed. The process, including the reporting and charging, may take up to 30 days. See the Housing Agreement for more specific information regarding deposit returns.


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