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Parties & Party Registration

The standard occupancy of any suite or apartment in student housing is four persons. Residents are entitled to host guests and to entertain friends in their residences. However, any gathering in which the number of individuals in the unit exceeds three times the standard occupancy (12 persons) will be considered a “party” for functional means by the department and should be registered with the department. Gatherings with greater than five times as many people as the standard occupancy (20 persons) are beyond the safe capacity of the housing units, and these events will require individuals to leave until the total number is 20 persons or less. Residents are responsible for the behavior of their guests, and all guests are expected to abide by university and Residence Life policy. See the Guests and Visitation Policies and the Alcohol sections.

Hosting ‘Registered’ Party

Residents who wish to host a party are encouraged to register their party at the Housing Lodge Desk. A party registration form enables residents to notify the department of their plans, identify those who are invited, and to verify that they are familiar with the primary policies that are violated at less organized parties. Community Advisors (CAs), the Security Officer, and other staff are expected to investigate scenarios in which it is evident that a party is in progress to ensure that the environment is safe and that no laws or policies are being violated. Residents and their guests are expected to comply with any staff members that knock on the door to check on possible parties. Observations that staff are expected to investigate or respond to include excessive noises, large number of people entering and leaving, underage persons entering overage apartments when it is apparent that there are many people inside, visible alcohol consumption, and reports of policy violations or illegal activity within the apartment. Staff are made aware of registered parties in advance and have less of a need to interrupt these functions unless it is evident that there may be violation of the party agreement.


Residents may print and distribute advertisements or invitations for registered parties in student housing as long as these notices do not advertise an intention for alcohol or drug consumption.  Any advertising in Housing must be approved in advance by Residence Life Staff.

Behavioral Issues

Parties that are out of control, that are hosting illegal activity (such as underage drinking), or that deny staff entrance into the unit will be referred immediately to the Administrator-On-Duty (AOD)  or to the Juneau Police Department. Uncooperative non-residents will be forced to leave or will be removed from campus by the police and served a notice of criminal trespass.

Conflict Mediation & Behavioral Implications

Conflicts that arise from such issues will be addressed with the “offending” individual being instructed to improve his or her hygiene practices. It is possible that an unwillingness to improve these living conditions will result in the termination of a resident’s housing contract.


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