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Check-In Process

When residents first arrive to move in to their rooms, they should report to the Housing Lodge Desk.

After-hours Check-Ins

After-hours check-ins should be referred to the Community Advisor On-Duty (CAOD) by calling the CA cell phone at (907) 209-6539. Check-ins will not be permitted before the start date of the Housing Agreement unless approved in advance by the director/coordinator.   It is helpful, though not necessary, for the Residence Life Staff to be notified to expect arrivals outside of the normal business hours of the Housing Lodge Desk, which are generally 8am-11pm at during move-in, and this can be done by calling (907) 796-6443 or by email:

Move-In Date

The move-in date is stated clearly in the terms of the Housing Agreement, and early arrivals are NOT encouraged. Residents should review their Housing Agreement move-in and move-out dates before coordinating travel plans; a lack of attention to these dates does not constitute reason for an early move-in to be authorized, and unauthorized arrivals may incur penalties.  See Early Move-In & Late Departure Requests.


Residents will complete administrative paperwork for their housing file.  Next, they will receive their keys and a copy of their Room Condition Form (RCF), before being directed to their room by a Community Advisor (CA).  See Room Condition Form for more information

Communication with Parents/Guardians

For the purpose of this statement, the word “parent” will also be interpreted to apply to guardians, or, in the case of international students, responsible agents. The University views students as primarily responsible for the quality of their educational experience and the fulfillment of expectations that are accepted when enrollment is established at UAS. It also realizes the deep concern that parents hold for the total growth of a son or daughter and their normal progress through the university. In recognition of this interest, Residence Life Staff will assist parents in making contact with their son or daughter by delivering messages and verbally reminding residents to call home.  See FERPA.

No Shows

Residents who fail to check into their unit by midnight after the first day of classes will be declared a ‘no show’ for that semester.  Their room assignment will be cancelled and deposit forfeited, unless the Housing Office has been notified in advance – call 907-796-6528.


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