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Whale Card

What are the Benefits?

  • It's convenient: Using your Whale Card is easier than carrying cash, checks or credit cards.
  • It's faster than cash: The Whale Card will always have exact change.
  • It's safe: If your Whale Card is lost or stolen, simply email or call (907) 796-6493, and we'll take care of the rest.

What can I do with my Whale Card?

  • It's your official UAS ID
  • It's your library card (NEW! Set this up at the Egan Library)
  • It's your key access to buildings and rooms
  • It's your access to the Recreation Center Facility (if you have paid the related fees)
  • It's a way to pay for many things around campus: you can put money on your Whale Card and use it as a prepaid debit card at many locations on campus.
  • All students living at housing MUST put whale bucks on their Whale Card to operate the laundry service at housing. Whale Cards are now required to do laundry. Please come see us at Student Accounts in the Novatney building to add money to your Whale Card or you may use the new system located in the Housing Lodge. You can reload your own card using cash only.
  • Housing students will have their Dining Dollars placed on the Whale Card.

Online Card Access Available Now!

eAccounts: Click here to deposit Whalebucks onto your card with a credit card, to see a list of your recent transactions, or to make a guest deposit to someone else's card. This website is a little slow to load, so please be patient.
--Apple and Android eAccounts phone apps available!

Whale Card Application Form (368Kb)

Once you've completed the application, take it to Student Accounts to get your Whale Card.

Initial Card: $ Free
Replacement of lost, Stolen, Damaged Cards: $ 10.00

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