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1. How do I purchase my UAS textbooks...

How to order

Once registered, refer to the subjects, course numbers and sections on your schedule for the books you’ll need.  The section number determines which location to select on the textbook website to order your books.

Textbooks for all Juneau, Ketchikan and Sitka classes are listed on a website linked to MBS Direct for on-line purchasing. Students may purchase books from MBS Direct, or their preferred provider.

Textbook Returns

Contact your textbook sellers for returns and/or book buy back offers.

2. If you are taking a UAF or UAA distance class...

...check out their online bookstore sites.

3. If you need a financial aid Book Voucher...

...and want to charge books to your Financial Aid, you must first submit a voucher to the UAS Bookstore before ordering books through MBS Direct.

If you choose to use a financial aid voucher, be aware that you will not receive the voucher until after all your financial aid forms have been completed, processed, submitted, and your financial aid has been approved.

To obtain a Student Financial Aid MBS Book Voucher, follow these steps:

  1. Fill out the UAS Bookstore online book voucher form. After submitting, UAS Juneau will notify MBS Books to generate a voucher when your Financial Aid has been approved and is available for purchasing books.
  2. When your voucher is available, MBS Books will send an e-mail notification to the e-mail address you provided in step 1
  3. Once you receive the e-mail notification, you can go online to order your books.
  4. Once you receive the e-mail notification, you can then go online and order your books at MBS Books
This process can take 1-2 weeks. Please plan ahead to allow for sufficient processing time.

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