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Advisor Guidance

Meeting regularly with an advisor is key to your success as a student.

Regardless of your location, advisors at the University of Alaska Southeast, Sitka Campus can help you to make informed choices as you move through your educational goals. Contact an advisor today via phone, email or chat.

Student Success advisors can assist you with:

  • Discussing your educational goals and career plans
  • Exploring your options in choosing an onsite or online degree program
  • Developing a plan of study
  • Selecting, scheduling and registering for classes
  • Assisting with transition into college
  • Connecting you to other resources
  • Reviewing your academic progress or financial aid status
  • Working through class, instructor or study concerns during the semester
  • Troubleshooting issues or processing petitions
  • Navigating university requirements and policies
  • Following the Next Steps Checklist for Entering a Program

For many degree programs, students will have two advisors: a Student Success advisor in Sitka, and a faculty advisor wherever the program is hosted. If you are in doubt as to whom to contact, start with your Student Success advisor, who can put you in touch with the right person.

Placement Testing

(If you have successfully passed college English or Math courses (and can provide a transcript) you are not required to take the placement tests.)

UAS requires full-time students and those enrolling in Math, English, or Computer classes to take a placement test, in order to determine course selection.

The English placement test evaluates reading and grammar skills. The Math placement test evaluates arithmetic, elementary algebra, and college math skills.

Each test takes approximately one hour and are given during testing hours at the Student Success Center. If you do not live in Sitka, we can assist you in finding a testing location in your area.

Reviewing For Your Test

Don’t take a placement test without reviewing beforehand! We offer a free diagnostic test to help you determine your strengths and weaknesses in English and Math. Make arrangements with an advisor for a pre-placement interview.

Refresh your skills with the following resources:

  • Check out our tutoring services on the Learning Support page
  • Sample Test Questions - English (658KB) Math (703KB)
  • Check out the Self-Help Math Prep course under the English Math Prep tab on this page
  • Download an iPhone App with study materials

For more information about placement tests, or if you have taken a test in the past, have an incomplete test series, or want to know your test results, contact the Student Success Center.

UAS uses ACCUPLACER, a nationally recognized placement test.

Placement tests are valid for up to two years from the time taken.

Financial Support

If you need financial assistance to help pay for your tuition, the very first step is completing the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid). The UAS school code is 001065.

Our Student Success advisors are available to assist you with understanding your options and the processes involved. As you are working through the UAS Financial Aid checklist, don’t hesitate to ask questions.

Financial Assistance Options

Grants - You may be eligible for one of these federal, state, or institution funded grants which are not required to be paid back.

Scholarships - There are a wide variety of scholarships available through the university, the state and many other organizations. Check out the Scholarships tab on this page for more information.

Loans - In addition to the Alaska State Education Loans, federal and private loans are available if other options aren’t working out for you.

Veterans' Assistance - Educational benefits exist for active duty service members and veterans.

Maintaining Financial Aid Eligibility

Most resources that provide financial aid maintain certain requirements that the student must meet.

  • Be sure to submit all required paperwork and verification forms, including completing a new FAFSA, every year.
  • Most financial aid requires recipients to be full time (12 credits or more each semester).
  • In order to receive financial aid you must remain fully admitted into an eligible degree or certificate program.
  • You must also maintain satisfactory academic progress toward your educational goals.

Again, please don’t hesitate to ask questions if you are unsure about decisions that may affect your eligibility. Contact a Student Success advisor or the UAS Financial Aid Office for advice or assistance with your financial aid.


There are a wide variety of scholarships available through the university, the state and many other organizations. Pay close attention to the application process and deadlines, as they vary depending on the funding agency. Scholarships are not required to be paid back.

Most scholarships require completion of the FAFSA and the UAOnline Scholarship Application. Contact a Student Success advisor or the UAS Financial Aid Office for advice or assistance with scholarship procedures.

CategoryTitleDeadlineApplication Package
FisheriesFisheries Technology AidNo DeadlineUAS Scholarship
GeneralSitka Campus General Support ScholarshipNo DeadlineUAS Scholarship
GeneralSitka Campus Advisory Council ScholarshipNo DeadlineUAS Scholarship
GeneralSitka Campus ScholarshipNo DeadlineUAS Scholarship
GeneralIcicle Seafood Scholarship Fund for Petersburg High School StudentsNo DeadlineUAS Scholarship
Vocational TechnologyIcicle Seafood Scholarship Fund for Career and Tech EducationNo DeadlineUAS Scholarship
HealthAHIMA Merit ScholarshipNo DeadlineNone
FisheriesIcicle Seafood Scholarship Fund for Fisheries TechnologyNo DeadlineUAS Scholarship
GeneralSitka Campus Tuition Waiver - GeneralNo DeadlineUAS Scholarship
FisheriesSitka Campus Tuition Waiver - FisheriesNo DeadlineUAS Scholarship
HealthSitka Campus Tuition Waiver - Health CareNo DeadlineUAS Scholarship
Law EnforcementSitka Campus Tuition Waiver - Law EnforcementNo DeadlineUAS Scholarship
FisheriesDIPAC Ladd Macaulay Scholarship for Fisheries TechnologyNo DeadlineNone
GeneralUA Foundation Scholarships - GeneralNo DeadlineUA Foundation
FisheriesUA Foundation Scholarships - FisheriesNo DeadlineUA Foundation
HealthUA Foundation Scholarships - Health CareNo DeadlineUA Foundation
Law EnforcementUA Foundation Scholarships - Law EnforcementNo DeadlineUA Foundation
FisheriesNSRAA Scholarship ProgramNo DeadlineNone
GeneralNSRAA Scholarship ProgramNo DeadlineNone
FisheriesFish Tech Travel Assistance ApplicationNo DeadlineUAS Scholarship

English and Math Prep

Our Student Success staff are available to assist you through in-person or online tutoring.

Writing Assistance

  • Writing and editing essays
  • Proper use of MLA or APA formats
  • Navigating the Egan Library website
  • Research for your paper
  • Scholarship essays or resume writing

Math Assistance

  • Math refresher
  • Placement test review
  • Math study skills
  • Introductions to graphing calculators or Excel as class tools

Self-Help Math Prep

The ALEKS Math Prep is a personalized online refresher course worth your time and $35 to review and update your math skills in the areas you need most. Contact our Student Success staff to make arrangements for accessing the course.

Self-Help Tutorials

Additional Resources

GED and ESL Services

Our Student Success Center is pleased to provide classes and services to adults learning English as a Second Language (ESL). We are also the GED Test Center for Sitka.

English as a Second Language (ESL)

Our Student Success staff are available to assist you with a variety of FREE services and resources:

  • Individual tutoring and computer learning programs
  • Books, audio tapes and video tapes – designed to improve reading, writing, speaking, listening and pronunciation skills including workplace literacy
  • Conversational English and vocabulary classes
  • Citizenship assistance, information and references
  • Academic preparation for college and TOEFL Exams
  • Driving test preparation

General Educational Diploma (GED)

The General Educational Diploma (GED) test series is equivalent to a high school diploma. It consists of five tests: Reading, Writing, Math, Social Studies and Science. This series is also available in Spanish.

Those who should enroll for GED instruction include:

  • Adults 18 or older (or ages 16-17 with parental consent)
  • Adults not enrolled in high school
  • Adults who have not graduated from high school

Call or stop by the UAS Student Success Center to:

  • Register and take the pre-test
  • Schedule tutoring as necessary
  • Complete test orientation and the GED test series

Pre-tests, study materials, and tutoring are FREE but there is a $25 fee for GED test administration which includes all five tests and any necessary retests.

Each test in the GED series takes 1-2 hours, so plan on at least two days to complete all five of them.

Registration, pretesting and tutoring are available whenever the Student Success Center is open and staff members are available.

Orientation to Online Learning

Your success matters to us! And we know that the more you know, the more successful you’ll be.

This first component of our online orientation series will help you better understand online learning and decide if it’s right for you. It will help you understand:

  • the technology skills you need,
  • the technical requirements for your computer,
  • the personal skills you need,
  • and how to access resources to help you build those skills.

Once you know what it takes, you are on your way to success!

View the tutorial: Is Online Learning Right For Me?

This next year, look for new parts of our online orientation including:

  • Programs and Degrees
  • How Do I Earn a Degree?
  • Tuition, Fees and Books
  • Tutoring and Testing
  • What Are My Student Rights and Responsibilities?
Contact Sitka Campus
1332 Seward Ave
Sitka, AK, 99835


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