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Mobile Classroom Printing

Mobile classroom printing is provided free of charge to students for single copies of small documents. There has been a print server upgrade, therefore adding printers to your personal laptop has changed.

To add a printer to a personal laptop:

  • Go to the Start menu and type \\jun-print01 in the Search programs and files field, then press enter
  • Scroll through the networked printers to Mobile_3, Mobile_4, Mobile_5, or Mobile_6 depending on the printer that is delivered

All mobile classroom (with laptops) include a mobile printer, therefore, when printing choose the mobile printer delivered to the classroom (each printer is labeled).

Whale Printing - Egan Library, 1st Floor

Whale Print is the newest solution for high quality laser black/white (bw) and color printing on campus and located in the Egan Library.  Printing from academic computers now requires a Whale Card and a fee is charge per printed side. Whale Printing provides an efficient method for billing and for tracking print jobs.

Printing costs are:

  • Black and white prints cost $.10 each side
  • Color prints cost $.25 each side

Once you select the print type, you must swipe your Whale Card at the kiosk next to the printer. For Whale Printing on your personal computer, please see follow this link.

Currently MAC users cannot participate in Whale Printing. There are technical issues that need to be addressed before MAC users can print. One solution for this inconvenience is to email the file to yourself, log on to an academic computer, and print the file. As soon as this issue has been resolved, I'll provide an update.

If you have any technical issue, please contact the Tech Support Desk in the Egan Library. Staff is available and can troublehoot printing issues as needed.