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To live in student housing you must maintain a full-time enrollment and a 2.0 cumulative grade point average. Be sure to apply early! The Housing Complex is a popular place to live and, typically, fills early -- usually four to five months prior to the start of the Fall semester. Some cancellations may provide opportunities for walk-ins during registration. Housing rates are set annually. Costs include all utilities except phone and cable television. Upper class students and returning residents have priority for apartment-style housing.

Applying for housing at UAS is very simple. The first step is filling out the housing application, or pick one up at our office.

Housing Deposit & Application Fee

In order to secure your housing application and receive priority for housing placement, a $25 non-refundable application fee and a $300 Housing deposit is required for all housing applications. You may pay the application fee and housing deposit by cash, check, or credit card. We currently cannot accept deposits online.

Your housing deposit is refundable if:

  • you are not placed in housing due to over flow
  • you withdraw your application before July 1 for Fall Semester, Dec 1 for Spring Semester
  • upon move-out if check-out is complete and satisfactory according to your contract

Your housing deposit is non-refundable if:

  • you are placed in housing and withdraw your application
  • you withdraw your application on or after July 1 for fall semester, Dec 1 for spring semester
  • break the housing agreement (see agreement)
  • if check-out is incomplete or unsatisfactory according to your contract

To be accepted into and placed in Student Housing, each applicant must provide a $25 non-refundable application fee and the following documents.

Fall/Spring 2014-2015 Single Students Applicants

Fall/Spring 2014-2015 Family Applicants

Summer 2014 Single Student Applicants

Additional Housing Documents

Cancellation Form:

These forms need to be filled out to cancel housing, whether you have or have not moved into UAS Student Housing.

2014 Winter Break Request

We recommend that you submit the Application, Profile, and Deposit as soon as possible, unless you are able to submit the entire documents needed at once. Placement for Fall Applicant will happen after July 1st. All completed applications received by the housing office at that time will be placed.

Once required documents are received and you file is complete you will be placed, space permitting.

Currently, there are two instances at the University of Alaska Southeast where students must be concerned about providing current documentation showing required immunizations.

  1. Students who wish to live in on-campus housing at UAS must have proof of a recent negative Tuberculosis test. Additionally, they must provide evidence that they are current on their MMR series of inoculations.
  2. International students must provide immunization records that document a recent negative Tuberculosis test, as well showing current MMR inoculations. This must be provided to UAS prior to consideration for admission and again to the Embassy/Consulate officials when applied for a student visa.

Record of Immunizations (89Kb)

Spring Break and Thanksgiving Break

Residents are not required to checkout during these shorter breaks and may stay in their units for the duration with no additional charges.  For good housekeeping purposes, residents leaving for several days should make an effort to close/lock windows and doors and also remove trash.  The time period between Fall and Spring semester, known in this document as Winter Break, will require a checkout and residents choosing to stay must pay an additional fee.  See Winter Break Housing.

Winter Break Checkout

The Winter Break period between Fall and Spring semester is not covered by the Housing Agreement; however, residents may register in advance to remain in Housing over Winter Break for an additional fee. Residence Life does reserve the right to specify units in which our residents stay during Winter Break to consolidate and maintain appropriate operational costs.

Residents not registered to stay over Winter Break are required to complete a checkout process for Winter Break that involves a unit inspection to ensure cleanliness with a Residence Life staff member and turning in their unit key.  

Personal Belongings and Relocations

Residents are not required to move their belongings out of their unit during Winter Break if they are returning to the same unit Spring semester.  In situations where residents wish to relocate to a new unit for the Spring semester, it is vital that they work closely with Residence Life staff to relocate before departing for Winter Break.  Semester break relocations are more involved as many factors have to be considered so as not to interfere with the Spring move-in process, as we receive new residents at that time.

Winter Break Checkout Guide

As residents are temporarily vacating their units for Winter Break, this particular checkout process focuses on ensuring that units are in a clean and functional condition to welcome new residents in the Spring. For example, a new roommate could move-in to a unit before the existing occupants return from Break.  Checkout tasks are geared towards conserving energy used by appliances, ensuring proper sanitation, and securely locking premises until residents return in Spring.              

Winter Break Parking Reminder

Residents leaving vehicles over Break are directed to park in specific areas of our parking lots to allow for effective snow removal around remaining stationary vehicles. Residence Life will advertise these locations prior to and during the checkout process.


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