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The UASHome system is a personal filespace that each student, staff and faculty receive with their computer accounts. By default, the space has 100mb, but this can be increased in the case that there is some reasonable (academic) need.


These files are available from the desktop of lab computers under the folder "UASHOME". These are files that require authentication to access (FTP, or connecting from a campus computer).


The web folder can be viewed online immediately. If you store documents only, the files will be listed with an auto-index of the directory contents. If you have uploaded html files (your own website, for instance), those will be available too.

  • Once items have been added to your Web folder of the UASHome space, they can be viewed online
  • Within your browser of choice, simply visit (replace username with your campus username)
  • In the case that you have a sub-folder, you can simply include that in the URL:


FTP or File Transfer Protocol can be used to access your UAS Home directory.

How to Access your Docs Folder from Home


  1. In the Address bar, type, press enter
  2. Enter your UAS username/password.
  3. Browse your files.


Firefox does not have a built-in interface for FTP, though you can VIEW your materials by visiting

If you would like to interact with your FTP data, you can use a handy plugin called FireFTP. It is available from

Once downloaded & installed, go to Tools > FireFTP, and create a new connection with host being "". Once connected with your username/password, you will see your Web and Docs folder available for manipulation.

Configuring FireFTP for UASHome

Internet Explorer 11

  1. Point your browser to
  2. Enter your username/password
    • This will take some time to load (be patient) because it is reading the entire UASHome directory of all users
  3. Locate and click your username from the list.  
  4. Browse your files.


  1. In the Address bar, type, press enter
  2. Enter your UAS username/password.
  3. Browse your files.

Windows Explorer

This can be used on any windows version. Very handy to bypass the time it takes to load.

  1. Right click on the Start Menu, choose Open Windows Explorer
  2. In the Address bar, type, press enter
  3. Enter your UAS username/password.
  4. Browse your files.

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