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wireless networkYou can access the network from anywhere on campus using the UAS wireless intranet.

All of our classroom buildings, cafeteria, housing, and the library have wireless connectivity which is Wi-Fi (802.11b) compliant. 

Most wireless computers will detect our network automatically. If yours does not, please stop by the Whitehead Building Computer Lab for further assistance!

By accessing the UAS wireless intranet on campus, you will be able to:

Also, the University has a Virtual Private Network (VPN) which enables use of UAS Intranet resources on your computer from locations off campus (other internet connections). It allows your computer to perform exactly as it were on campus with all of the same benefits (fileshares, Banner access, etc)


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The University has specific legal obligations under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) to protect copyright holders and to respond quickly to complaints of copyright violation. This obligation to protect copyright must be implemented with due regard for privacy rights of technology users that have been created by Regents Policy.

The University of Alaska Southeast has implemented specific strategies to address the desire to respond appropriately to DMCA notices while creating a proactive and positive user experience. 

When UAS receives a formal DMCA copyright complaint, IT employees follow a formal process for investigating and responding to the complaint.  In some cases, this investigation will result in a computer being temporarily blocked from accessing the network.

Since the loss of network access can significantly impact a student’s ability to complete courses, UAS takes a number of steps to mitigate this while still complying with the law.

A machine that is blocked is redirected to a special website.  This website will direct the student to contact IT Services.  In addition, steps are taken to ensure that students can still access critical UAS services, even while they are blocked from accessing the Internet.

Additional resources:

1. How do I know if my computer has a wireless card or ethernet device?

Most newer laptops have both, and nearly all desktops will have Ethernet. Check the specifications of your particular computer model.

2. How can I get a wireless card?

Cards may be purchased from the Bookstore, local stores, or online. UAS has pools of wireless cards and adapters for desktop and laptop computers that are available for semester-long checkout from Housing (residents) or the Computer Lab (non-Housing residents).

3. How can I protect my computer while it is on the network?

You can update your operating system, install and update anti-virus software (you can even use the same security software as the UAS campus!), and be cautious about programs from emails or the Internet.


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