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Rebuild/Replacement Request

  1. Please read, complete and submit the Rebuild/Replacement form.
  2. The Rebuild/Replacement form will be reviewed within one business day by the Helpdesk.
  3. The Helpdesk will notify you via email when the form is approved and follow-up with you to schedule a date for service. The service date will be entered into the Helpdesk's Rebuild/Replacement calendar.
  4. A work order is entered on the service date and the computer will be picked up or dropped off (depending on what was arranged during the follow-up).
  5. Work will be completed by NDS within 2 business days. The HelpDesk can provide updates on the work status at your request.
Service Choice

Rebuild: Computer is updated with newest version of the software package (build).

Replacement: Computer is replaced due to failure or replacement eligibility.

More information about the Replacement Process

Replacement Schedule

Contact Info
Computer Info

On a PC you can find your computer name by right clicking in the My Computer icon on your desktop. Then choose properties/Computer Name.

On a MAC, depending on your operating system (OS) version, the name will display on the log-in screen. In other OS versions the computer name can be found in Apple Icon -> About this Mac -> More Info


Additional Info

One item per line please.

The UAS campus build is pre-populated with much of the most commonly used software (see Core Software). Please articulate any specialty software that you may have asked IT Services to install in addition to this core build.


Please Note: While we make every effort to move your settings over, it is not always possible. Some or all of your application settings may not be preserved in the Rebuild/Replacement process.


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