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What is the Replacement Program?

UAS centrally supports a computer replacement program, the goals of which are to ensure that no UAS regular staff and faculty position has an outdated computer, and that a consistent support envirionment is maintained.

  • The program is intended to support the UAS regular staff and faculty positions (roughly 450 individuals)
  • Each faculty and staff position at UAS is eligible for this program.
  • Program computers are associated with the Position Control Number (PCN) and are designated as "JR" or “replacement computers.”
  • Computers managed under this program are required to run the standard UAS managed software "build."
  • When a replacement computer is identified as “outdated”, it can be turned in to IT Services to be replaced with a current model. Classifications of "current" and "outdated equipment" are determined by the replacement schedule.  
  • IT Services maintains the pool of available current-model computers by reallocating existing computers and purchasing new computers when needed. 
What if the department does not have a refresh-designated computer for the position?

If no refresh computer is available (because the position is new, the computer had been lost, or the position had non-standard or departmentally purchased equipment), the department can add a computer to the refresh cycle by providing a current supported model.  This computer will be associated with the PCN and designated as part of the refresh pool.  When that computer is outdated, it can be turned in for a replacement current computer.

What if the department wants an early refresh -- to replace a computer that is not outdated?

IT Services maintains a list of currently supported computer specifications.  A department can purchase a new computer from this list to replace a refresh computer at any time.  The new computer is associated with the PCN and designated as a refresh computer.  The previous computer is moved out of the refresh and is available for reallocation within the department.


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