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The UAS campus computers (including remote campus locations) number into the hundreds, and in many cases include peripherals such as scanners and printers. IT Services provides support and maintenance in concert with the University Mission. We provide computing technology and services responsive to the needs of the university community.

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General Information

Our standard campus workstation has a customized Windows operating system (with pre-installed core software) designed to work on specific devices.

IT Services does offer some limited support to non-centrally managed workstations. For instance, we extend support of network printing and installation of campus licensed Microsoft Office to non-standard university purchased devices, such as Apple computers.

Campus Computers FAQ

1. How do I add a printer to my UAS computer?

Printers at the UAS Juneau campus are hosted on a print server named jun-print01

To add a printer, go to the Start menu, and in the Search field, type: \\jun-print01 then hit ENTER

New print server


A list of all campus printers will appear; double-click the printer you wish to use.  The printer will then be installed on your computer.

2. How do I set my default printer?

The default printer is the printer of first resort when printing something; it is set per user on each computer. 

 To set the default, go to the Start menu, choose Printers and Faxes, then right-click on the printer you wish to choose.  In the menu that appears, choose Set as Default Printer.  A little check mark will appear next to the printer set as default.

Default Printer 

3. How is the time we see on our computers generated? Where does it come from?

Our computers us Coordinated Universal Time (UTC).  This is similar, but not exactly the same as Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) however the variation is no more than .9 seconds.  (Apparently leap seconds are used frequently to adjust the time)

The calculation used in our computers is:


An example:

16:49:32 + (-09:00) + 1 = 08:49:32  (Local Time)


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