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Currently, the development of the UAS instance of Blackboard is being rapidly refined. As we find items that could be considered "known issues", we will post them here for your review. 

Items posted represent significant, long-term issues related to the system and is not intended to track all problems and fixes.

If you would like to alert us to a potential issue, please create a post here to describe the behavior you are experiencing, or feature you would like to see.

To see the existing weblog and forum threads related to problems or potential features, please click here.

Table of Contents


Update: “Access Denied” in Wiki Participation Summary


Description: Instructor receives an “Access Denied” error message when attempting to access the drop-down for Display Pages from Wiki Participation Summary. Currently, there is no fix.

Unable to Upload Comments to Grade Center


Description: From the “Work Offline” mode, unable to upload comments into the Grade Center. The grade is uploaded but the comment field remains blank.

Status: This is a confirmed bug. A fix is slated for release in October 2014.

Issue: Missing Grades in Grade Center


Description: Instructors report grades are missing in the Grade Center for some students and random tests.

Status: This is an unconfirmed bug. We have identified two possible workarounds to retrieve the missing grades:

1) Submit a request to IT Services to extract all grade log info for a specific assignments/test/quiz.

2) The instructor can manually view the missing grade by viewing the Grade History:

    • Go to the Grade Center
    • Find the student with the missing grade
    • In the cell (where the grade should appear), click the down-arrow and select, "View Grade Details"
    • Click "Grade History"

Issue: Cannot Review Test Results


Description: Students are unable to review the results after submitting a test. No response occurs when pressing the OK button.  The test settings are configured to open the test in a new browser window.

Status: Issue is being investigated.  A work-around to view the results…Relaunch the test. Click  "View All Attempts."  Click the green checkmark to view the summary.

Issue: Edit Mode


Description: If users have changed their Edit mode to On and their role changes the Edit mode changes to back to Off upon going back to the course.

Status: Issue is being investigated.

Issue: My Grades


Description: Comments in feedback box spills out and may be hidden, resulting in an inability to see the complete comment.

Temporary Solution: Contact the Instructor or the UAS Helpdesk (796-6400) and ask to have the comment emailed to you.

Issue: Content Editor


Description: Unable to to copy and paste between tabs in Firefox and Chrome.

Temporary Solution: Copy the content to a text-editing program (such as Notepad, Textedit, Microsoft Word, etc.) and then back to Firefox/Chrome.


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