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Necessary Forms in Printable Format (pdf)

After completion, necessary forms can be returned to the Disability Services office.

  1. Registration Form This form provides basic information to Disability Services and all students will need to sign it before receiving services.
  2. Release of Information This form allows for UAS to release specific information to the agency the student is requesting.
  3. Alternate Format (Student Agreement This agreement must be signed by students who are receiving alternate format accommodations.
  4. Note taking (Receiving Services Agreement) Students who are receiving note taking accommodations need to read and fill out this form.
  5. Note taking (Note taker Application) Students who are providing their class notes for a student receiving note taking accommodations needs to fill out this application and return it to the DS office
  6. Request for Proctor Services This form allows for UAS Students to request a proctor through Disability Services

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