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University of Alaska Southeast
2600 Seventh Avenue
Ketchikan, AK99901


888-550-6177 (toll free in AK)

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Ketchikan Waterfront
Bennett, Clare228-4550
Bolling, Kathy228-4522
Chapman, Brandon228-4562
Chaudhary, Diana228-4568
Davis, Deb228-4537
Donar, Christopher228-4557
Fine, Claire228-4575
Funk, Mike228-4533
Govaars, Kate228-4560
Guthrie, John228-4533
Guthrie, Julia228-4530
Hastings, Ben228-4568
Hirayama, Tracy228-4537
Hoover, Jared228-4533
Horn, Ken228-4571
Hurley, Brenda228-4513
Ianuzzi, Colleen228-4502
Klein, Gail228-4508
Kosmos, Abby228-4537
Landis, Rod228-4547
Ledford, Marianne228-4555
Lefleur, Joe228-4574
Long, John228-4531
Miles, Wendy228-4523
Nickerson, Neil796-6153
O'Loane, Larry228-4566
Parks, Kenny228-4535
Polanska, Kasia228-4518
Radzilowski, John228-4541
Ramsey, Karen228-4511
Rice, Byron228-4568
Rice, Robert228-4568
Richardson, Gwenna228-4509
Schulte, Kimberly228-4507
Schulte, Priscilla228-4515
Spehar, Ann228-4559
Steele, Conan228-4524
Tabb, Shellie228-4567
Urquhart, William228-4527
Whalen, Teague228-4514
Wiechelman, Kathleen228-4517
Williams, Laurie228-4558
Withers, Melissa228-4537
Ziegler, Alison228-4563

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