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If you have no High School Diploma or GED and you are wishing to enroll in the CNA course you need to take the Accuplacer Reading Placement Test at the UASK Learning Center located in the Zielger Building, 2600 Seventh Avenue, Ketchikan, Alaska. For more information, or to schedule a test, please call (907) 228-4560 or e-mail

It is imperative that you test at a 10th grade level to be successful in this course. Not only is a good knowledge of the English language important, but a good knowledge of medical terminology is required as well. You must score a 77 or above to be eligible to enroll in the CNA course. If your test score falls between 64-76 you are eligible to schedule an appointment to discuss your score and a possible waiver to enroll. If you score a 63 or lower this indicates that your reading level is too low for eligibility in the CNA course. Time spent on the test is not a factor in the scoring.

Class Requirements & Information:

  • 160 hours total: 73 classroom hours/35 skills hours/52 clinical hours
  • Tests are given weekly during classroom hours, plus one final exam
  • Students must receive 70% on final exam (C Average) to sit for certification
  • Textbook & Workbook - will cover 3-6 chapters per week during classroom hours.
  • Mostly reading assignments & multiple-choice tests
  • If you fail the class, your money will not be refunded - you will lose the $2500+ in fees & costs you have paid.

Helpful Options:

  • Tutoring is offered through the Ketchikan Job Service, if necessary, take this for a semester before taking the course. Contact the Ketchikan Job Service at (907) 225-3181 for more information.
  • Attend UASK classes recommended in test results (ENG 092 Improving Writing Skills & HUM 101 College Success Skills)
  • Purchase Textbook & Workbook to read & study on your own to improve comprehension & before beginning class.

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