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Tlingit Language

The minor in Tlingit is designed to provide students with an appreciation of the unique nature of the language, and with basic ability to communicate in culturally relevant settings, read and write the standard orthography, and understand the fundamental grammatical concepts used in linguistic analysis of Tlingit.

Degree Requirements (2014-2015 Catalog)

Minimum Credit Hours18
AKLS105Beginning Tlingit I4
AKLS106Beginning Tlingit II4
AKLS205Intermediate Tlingit I4
AKLS305Advanced Tlingit I3
Select from the following (3 credits minimum):
AKLS206Intermediate Tlingit II4
AKLS241AK Native Oratory1
AKLS306Advanced Tlingit II3
AKLS401AK Lang Apprentice/Mentor1-3
AKLS410Heritage Lang Tchg Meth/Matrl3
AKLS451Intro to Tlingit Linguistics3
AKLS452Intro to Tlingit Linguistics3
At least six credits must be upper division Tlingit language courses as appropriate.

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