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The minor in history provides students with a broad understanding of past cultures, social groups, political economy, nation-states, collective mentalities and civilizations.  The minor helps students develop knowledge of historical background and context that supplements their major course of study.  By completing this minor, students will develop university competencies in oral and written communication, critical thinking, professional behavior, and a social sciences competency in the appreciation of cultural diversity.

Degree Requirements (2014-2015 Catalog)

Minimum Credit Hours18
HISTS492Seminar in History: Selected Topics*3
Select both
HISTS105World History I3
HISTS106World History II3
or both
HISTS131U.S. History I3
HISTS132U.S. History II3
or both
HISTS227Early Modern Europe, 1400-18153
HISTS228Modern Europe, 1815-20003
Select three from the following (9 credits):
HISTS202U.S. Women's History3
HISTS261History of Russia3
HISTS270History of France3
HISTS280History of Women in Europe3
HISTS300Historiography/Historical Methods3
HISTS341History of Alaska3
HISTS362United States History, 1865-19193
HISTS363United States History, 1919-19503
HISTS364United States History, since 19503
HISTS370Modern European Intellectual History3
HISTS380History of Gender & Sexuality in Modern Europe3
HISTS420The Holocaust3
HISTS440The Western Movement3
*May be repeated for course and program credit providing course title and content are different.

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