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Alaska Native Studies

The Alaska Native studies program offers the student the opportunity to explore an interdisciplinary curriculum in Alaska Native cultures, history, and perspectives. The program provides critical understanding and insights to students who anticipate professional involvement in Alaska Native rural and urban communities.

Degree Requirements (2015-2016 Catalog)

Minimum Credit Hours18

Students may only count a maximum of six credits in one topic area. Courses taken as foundations may not be counted as electives.

Select two from the following (6 credits total):

ANTHS200Alaska Native Cultures3
ANTHS225Artistic Expressions and Oral Narratives of Alaska Natives3
ANTHS475Alaska Native Social Change3
ARTS263Northwest Coast Art History and Culture3

Select from the following (12 credits total)

Additional courses can be approved by the BLA Alaska Native Studies faculty advisor. These courses may be from other disciplines, but have Alaska Native themes or issues as a primary component of the class.

Language Skills

AKLS101Haida I1
AKLS102Haida II1
AKLS103Tlingit I1
AKLS104Tlingit II1
AKLS105Elementary Tlingit I4
AKLS106Elementary Tlingit II4
AKLS205Intermediate Tlingit I4
AKLS206Intermediate Tlingit II4
AKLS207Intermediate Haida II4
AKLS208Intermediate Haida II4
AKLS305Advanced Tlingit I3
AKLS306Advanced Tlingit II3
AKLS307Advanced Haida I3
AKLS308Advanced Haida II3

Humanities Skills

ARTS180/280/380/480Northwest Coast Art: Selected Topics1-3
ARTS181/281/381Beginning/Intermediate/Advanced Northwest Coast Design1-3
ARTS183Northwest Coast Harvesting and Preparation of Basketry Materials0.5
ARTS189Northwest Coast Tool Making2
ARTS263Northwest Coast Art History and Culture1-3
ARTS282/382/482Beginning/Intermediate Northwest Coast Basketry1-3
ARTS284Beginning Northwest Coast Basketry Design1
ARTS285/385/485Beginning/Intermediate/Advanced Northwest Coast Carving1-3
ARTS286/386/486Beginning/Intermediate/Advanced Northwest Coast Woolen Weaving1-3
ENGLS365Literature of Alaska: Native and Non-Native Perspectives3
GEOGS302Geography of Alaska: People, Places, Potential3
HISTS115Alaska, Land, and People3
HISTS341History of Alaska3

Social Science Skills

ANTHS200Alaska Native Cultures3
ANTHS225Artistic Expressions and Oral Narratives of Alaska Natives3
ANTHS312Humanities and the Environment3
ANTHS335Native North Americans3
ANTHS342Arctic Ethnology3
ANTHS475Alaska Native Social Change3
SOCS346Alaskan Social Problems3

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