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Occupational Endorsement
Marine Transportation

The Marine Transportation Occupational Endorsement provides training for mariners to advance in the wide variety of positions and vessels in the marine industry. The courses and instructor are US Coast Guard approved for testing in class and articulate with the AAS in Marine Transportation.

Requirements (2013-2014 Catalog)

Minimum Credit Hours9
Advisor approved from the following (at least one course must be 200-level):
MTS129Basic Safety Training**2
MTS132Basic Navigation & Piloting*4
MTS225Able Seaman*2
MTS226Ratings Forming Part of a Navigation Watch**1
MTS228Fast Rescue Boat**2
MTS230Proficient in Survival Craft**2
MTS232Radar Observer**2
MTS238U.S.C.G Regulations*2
MTS239Master 100 Ton & OUPV*5
MTS240Upgrade from 100 Ton to 200 Ton*2
MTS242Advanced Fire Fighting**2
MTS282Marine Transportation Lab3
* USCG Approved for testing in class
** USCG Approved to meet the requirements of the international convention on Standards of Training, Certification and Watchkeeping (STCW) 95 for Seafarers.

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