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Occupational Endorsement

Law Enforcement

The law enforcement program is a full-time, rigorous and highly structured program offered in cooperation with the Alaska Department of Public Safety Training Academy. The program is a pre-employment curriculum comparable to training offered in municipal police officer training academies. The program is also recognized by the National Park Service as meeting training requirements for seasonal law enforcement officers. Admission Requirements: Students must meet all criteria established for admission to the Academy and the University of Alaska Southeast, and must abide by Academy rules and regulations. Students are required to reside at the Academy while completing the 16 credit Justice course requirement. No portion of the Justice course work may be transferred from another institution.

Degree Requirements (2015-2016 Catalog)

Minimum Credit Hours16
JUSTS102Fundamentals of CPR and First Aid1
JUSTS103Law Enforcement Procedures4
JUSTS104Ethics and Conduct1
JUSTS105Traffic Law and Enforcement4
JUSTS106Enforcement Techniques3
JUSTS107Criminal Justice3

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