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Occupational Endorsement

Building Energy Retrofit Technician

Focusing on energy efficiency improvements to buildings this O.E. introduces the necessary skills for weatherization job readiness. Classroom and hands-on instruction will prepare workers to perform air-sealing work, install insulation, and repair or replace doors and windows. Individuals will be introduced to diagnostic procedures to evaluate air leakage through the building enclosure and ductwork, and evaluate each building for health and safety issues from carbon monoxide and home ventilation levels. Workers understand and apply the “house as a system” approach as a critical component of any building’s efficiency, comfort, and durability. The curriculum of this O.E. satisfies the related instruction requirement for the BERT apprenticeship.

Degree Requirements (2015-2016 Catalog)

Minimum Credit Hours9
CTS122Residential Renovation, Retrofit and Repair3
CTS185Building Diagnostics and Testing3
CTS201Cold Climate Construction3

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